A.3. Tungsten Replicator 7.0.1 GA (13 June 2022)

Version End of Life. Not Yet Set

Release 7.0.1 is the first minor release for the v7 release. This release contains a number of new features, minor bug fixes and a few key behavior changes, but importantly contains a critical bug fix for environments that use mixed-case table and database names, that could cause replication failures.

Customers already running v7.0.0 in production enviornments should upgrade to this release as soon as possible

Behavior Changes

The following changes have been made to Tungsten Replicator and may affect existing scripts and integration tools. Any scripts or environment which make use of these tools should check and update for the new configuration:

  • Installation and Deployment

    • A better error message is now provided when keystore password and enclosed private key password don't match.

      Issues: CT-1853

  • Command-line Tools

    • The tpm ask summary command is now sorted by key when the Perl Tie::IxHash module is installed.

      Issues: CT-1820

    • The tpm diag command now gathers the output of the tpm ask summary command

      Issues: CT-1827

    • The tmonitor command now calls sudo internally as needed, removing the need for the tmonitor command to be run with sudo for the install and remove sub-commands.

      Issues: CT-1846

  • Core Replicator

    • The default value for the tpm property repl-svc-fail-on-zero-row-update has been changed from warn to stop


      This is a significant change in behavior and could cause replicators, specifically cross-site replicators, in an Active/Active environment to stop and error more frequently.

      To maintain original behavior you will need to add this property with the value of warn to your configuration, providing you fully understand the inherent risk of ignoring such warnings.

      Issues: CT-1856

Known Issues

The following issues are known within this release but not considered critical, nor impact the operation of Tungsten Replicator. They will be addressed in a subsequent patch release.

  • Installation and Deployment

    • After starting up Tungsten components, a defunct process for each running component can be found in the process listing.

      Whilst this does not cause any issues, it could generate unnecessary alerts for customers monitoring.

      The cause has been identified and affects version 7.0.0 and 7.0.1. This will be fixed in the next 7.0.2 release.

      Issues: CT-1876

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Command-line Tools

    • Added the ability to turn auto recovery on or off dynamically, removing the need to run tpm update.

      This is done by running the following command:

      shell> trepctl -service servicename setdynamic -property replicator.autoRecoveryMaxAttempts -value <number>


      The service must be offline before changing the property

      Issues: CT-1088

    • A new tpm report sub-command has been added. By default, tpm report will generate a security report for all available communication channels on a per-node basis. The purpose of tpm report is to provide easy access to all of the settings that pertain to a specific topic. The default (and only) topic at this time is the security stance. More topics will be added over time.

      Issues: CT-1793, CT-1857

    • The tapi command now supports the creation and modification of multiple APIv2 admin users. Two new cli args have been added: --create-user and --create-pass.

      Issues: CT-1801

    • The tapi command now auto-detects the protocol, either http or https

      Issues: CT-1803

    • Added JMX encryption and authentication status to trepctl -verbose and connector command outputs

      Issues: CT-1813

    • The tapi command will now output service names with the new option --includeServiceName, or if there is more than one service name found..

      Issues: CT-1860

  • Core Replicator

    • The thl list command now displays an approximative field size in bytes for row-based replication.

      Issues: CT-1847

  • Security

    • Replaced official log4j library with a secured version in which all vulnerable classes have been removed. This prevents exposing the software following a (user) misconfiguration of the log4j properties

      Issues: CT-1810

  • API

    • Added a way to retrieve service properties through the API, for example, to check a specific service parameter, run the following API call :

      shell> curl
       "payloadType": "PropertiesListPayload", 
       "payloadVersion": "1", 
       "payload": { 
       "replicator.global.db.sslEnabled": "false" 

      Issues: CT-1802

    • Added new top level REST API call to display RMI SSL status, run the following API call :

      shell> curl

      Issues: CT-1812

Bug Fixes

  • Installation and Deployment

    • The tpm update command now properly handles v7 -> v7 upgrades.

      Issues: CT-1815

    • deployall script now properly displays the executable prefix for restarting services, typically mm_treplicator in Multi-Site/Active-Active replicator-only installs, as well as the full path to component binaries

      Issues: CT-1835

    • tpm would fail on keystores containing special characters in alias names.

      Issues: CT-1852

  • Command-line Tools

    • Worked around a ruby issue where DNS name resolution was sometimes preferred to file-based resolution in TPM. The following logic now applies: first trying file-based host name resolution, upon failure try DNS, then through ping command

      Issues: CT-1653

    • Improves the tpm diag command so that it waits 2 seconds for replicator thread dump to complete.

      Issues: CT-1792

    • Fixed an `Undefined subroutine` call error in tapi --create

      Issues: CT-1798

    • tpm now properly reports errors upon timeout executing commands. Typically, when a host is down, when upgrading or installing, tpm will now properly report that pinging this host failed.

      Issues: CT-1819

    • TPM would fail to validate data sources when using ssl-capath [directory] rather than ssl-ca [file] in my.cnf.

      This fixes only the validation part, automated truststore creation by TPM will not be possible at this point, a full tungsten-truststore.ts will have to be passed through --java-truststore-path

      Issues: CT-1826

    • The tapi command now auto-switches protocol (http or https) properly.

      Issues: CT-1829

    • replicator start offline would not properly pass the offline argument to systemd scripts when installed through deployall.

      Issues: CT-1836

    • undeployall script would not properly uninstall systemd services on some distributions including amazon linux.

      Issues: CT-1845

  • Redshift Applier

    • If the optional RedshiftCopyOptions option was ommitted from the s3-config.json file, the replicator would fail to start with an undefined error.

      Issues: CT-1814

  • Core Replicator

    • Due to a change in binlogging behavior from MySQL 5.7 onwards (Including Aurora) when using the standalone Tungsten Replicator to configure bi-directional replication with unprivileged access (ie unable to control binlogging behavior), certain DDL statements failed to be tagged correctly causing them to be re-applied to the originating source database, resulting in replicator errors.

      Issues: CT-1083

    • Fixed the EnumToString and pkey filters to renew their database connections (every hour by default). This can be changed with the following properties:


      Issues: CT-1786

    • tpm update would fail with message "The host is configured to be '' but it is currently operating as a 'master'" when a dynamic replicator configuration file is found

      Issues: CT-1848

    • Fixes issues with PrimaryKeyFilter:

      • It could fail from correctly fetching primary key columns for tables with mixed upper and lower case letters in table names

      • Alter user statements could make it fail

      Issues: CT-1861

    • Fixed a NullPointerException that could happen if a replicator was put offline during startup. This had mostly no consequence except the exception being logged.

      Issues: CT-1863