7.13.1. Performing Maintenance on a Single Replica

To perform maintenance on a single Replica, you should ensure that your application is not using the Replica, perform the necessary maintenance, and then re-enable the Replica within your application.

The steps are:

  1. Put the replicator into the offline state to prevent replication and changes being applied to the database:

    shell> trepctl -host host1 offline

    To perform operating system maintenance, including rebooting the system, the replicator can be stopped completely:

    shell> replicator stop
  2. Perform the required maintenance, including updating the operating system, software or hardware changes.

  3. Validate the server configuration:

    shell> tpm validate
  4. Put the replicator back online:

    shell> trepctl -host host1 online

    Or if you have stopped the replicator, restart the service again:

    shell> replicator start

Once the datasource is back online, monitor the status of the service and ensure that the replicator has started up and that transactions are being extracted or applied.