6.2. Disabling Security

There may be situations where you wish to disable securityfor the entire installation.

Security can be disabled in the following ways during configuration with tpm:


Disabling security through this single option, has the same effect as adding:

  • --file-protection-level=none

    Disables file level protection, including ownership and file mode settings.

  • --rmi-ssl=false

    Disables the use of SSL/TLS for communicating with services, this includes starting, stopping, or controlling individual services and operations, such as putting Tungsten Replicator online or offline.

  • --thl-ssl=false

    Disables the use of SSL/TLS for THL transmission between replicators.

  • --rmi-authentication=false

    Disables the use of authentication when accessing and controlling services.

  • --datasource-enable-ssl=false

  • --replicator-rest-api-ssl=false

    Disables SSL for communication with the Replicator API. This does not disable the API altogether. To do that, refer to replicator-rest-api