2.6.1. Removing a Datasource from an Existing Deployment

To remove a datasource from an existing deployment there are two primary stages, removing it from the active service, and then removing it from the active configuration.

For example, to remove host6 from a service:

  1. Login to host6.

  2. Stop the replicator:

    shell> replicator stop

Now the node has been removed from the active dataservice, the host must be removed from the configuration.

  1. Now you must remove the node from the configuration, although the exact method depends on which installation method used with tpm:

    • If you are using staging directory method with tpm:

      1. Change to the staging directory. The current staging directory can be located using tpm query staging:

        shell> tpm query staging
        shell> cd /home/tungsten/tungsten-replicator-7.0.1-96
      2. Update the configuration, omitting the host from the list of members of the dataservice:

        shell> tpm update alpha \
    • If you are using the INI file method with tpm:

      • Remove the INI configuration file:

        shell> rm /etc/tungsten/tungsten.ini
  2. Remove the installed software directory:

    shell> rm -rf /opt/continuent