9.8.1.  A tpm Options


Config File Optionsallow-bidi-unsafe, repl-allow-bidi-unsafe
DescriptionAllow unsafe SQL from remote service
Value Typeboolean
Valid Valuesfalse 


Config File Optionsauto-enable, repl-auto-enable
DescriptionAuto-enable services after start-up
Value Typestring


Config File Optionsauto-recovery-delay-interval, repl-auto-recovery-delay-interval
DescriptionDelay between going OFFLINE and attempting to go ONLINE
Value Typestring
Valid Values5 

The delay between the replicator identifying that autorecovery is needed, and autorecovery being attempted. For busy MySQL installations, larger numbers may be needed to allow time for MySQL servers to restart or recover from their failure.


Config File Optionsauto-recovery-max-attempts, repl-auto-recovery-max-attempts
DescriptionMaximum number of attempts at automatic recovery
Value Typenumeric
Valid Values0 

Specifies the number of attempts the replicator will make to go back online. When the number of attempts has been reached, the replicator will remain in the OFFLINE state.

Autorecovery is not enabled until the value of this parameter is set to a non-zero value. The state of autorecovery can be determined using the autoRecoveryEnabled status parameter. The number of attempts made to autorecover can be tracked using the autoRecoveryTotal status parameter.


Config File Optionsauto-recovery-reset-interval, repl-auto-recovery-reset-interval
DescriptionDelay before autorecovery is deemed to have succeeded
Value Typenumeric
Valid Values5 

The time in ONLINE state that indicates to the replicator that the autorecovery procedure has succeeded. For servers with very large transactions, this value should be increased to allow the transaction to be successfully applied.