8.19.5. thl info Command

The info command to thl command provides the current information about the THL, including the identified log directory, sequence number range, and the number of individual events with the available span. The lowest and highest THL file and sizes are also given. For example:

shell> thl info
log directory = /opt/continuent/thl/alpha/
log files = 41
logs size = 193.53 MB
min seq# = 0
max seq# = 228
events = 228
oldest file = thl.data.0000000001 (95.48 MB, 2019-12-18 11:53:00)
newest file = thl.data.0000000041 (0.98 MB, 2019-12-18 12:34:32)

The optional argument -no-checksum ignores the checksum information on events in the event that the checksum is corrupt.