8.6.1. Optional Arguments

The following arguments are optional:

  • -tables

    A comma-separate list of the tables to be extracted.

    shell> ddlscan -service alpha -template ddl-mysql-oracle.vm -db test -tables typetwo,typethree
  • -tableFile

    A file containing a list of the files to be extracted. The file should be formatted as Comma Separated Values (CSV), only the first column is extracted. For example, the file:

    typetwo,Table of type two customer forms
    typethree,Table of type three customer forms

    Could be used with ddlscan:

    shell> ddlscan -service alpha -template ddl-mysql-oracle.vm -db test -tableFile tablelist.txt
  • -rename

    A list of table renames which will be taken into account when generating target DDL. The format of the table matches the format of the rename filter.

  • -path

    The path to additional Velocity templates to be searched when specifying the template name.

  • -opt

    An additional option (and variable) which are supplied to be used within the template file. Different template files may support additional options for specifying alternative information, such as schema names, file locations and other values.

    shell> ddlscan -service alpha -template ddl-mysql-oracle.vm -db test -opt schemaPrefix mysql_
  • -out

    Sends the generated DDL output to a file, in place of sending it to standard output.

  • -help

    Generates the help text of arguments.