F.1.2. Restore Behavior

The restore operation operates in a similar manner to the backup operation. The same script is called (but supplied with the -restore command-line option).

The restore operation performs the following steps:

  1. Tungsten Replicator creates a temporary properties file, which contains the location of the backup file to be restored.

  2. Tungsten Replicator executes the configured backup/restore script in restore mode, supplying any configured arguments, and the location of the properties file.

  3. The script used during the restore process should read the supplied properties file to determine the location of the backup file.

  4. The script performs all the necessary steps to achieve the restore process, including stopping the dataserver, restoring the data, and restarting the dataserver.

  5. The replicator will remain in the OFFLINE state once the restore process has finished.