F.1.4. Enabling a Custom Backup Script

To enable a custom backup script, the installation must be updated through tpm to use the script backup method. To update the configuration:

  1. Create or copy the backup script into a suitable location, for example /opt/continuent/share.

  2. Copy the script to each of the datasources within your dataservice.

  3. Update the configuration using tpm. The --repl-backup-method should be set to script, and the directory location set using the --repl-backup-script option:

    shell> ./tools/tpm update --repl-backup-method=script \
        --repl-backup-script=/opt/continuent/share/mcbackup.pl \

    The --repl-backup-online option indicates whether the backup script operates in online or offline mode. If set to false, replicator must be in the offline state because the backup process is started.

    To pass additional arguments or options to the script, use the replicator.backup.agent.script.options property to supply a list of ampersand separate key/value pairs, for example:


    These are the custom parameters which are supplied to the script as the value of the -options parameter when the script is called.

Once the backup script has been enabled within the configuration it can be used when performing a backup through the standard backup or restore interface:

shell> trepctl -host host2 backup -backup script


Note that the name of the backup method is script, not the actual name of the script being used.