11.4.17. dropsqlmode.js Filter

Different releases of MySQL occasionally add/remove various sql_modes, and in doing so if replicating between different versions, you may receive errors during replication as MySQL will reject unknown sql_modes.

This filter was specifically added to handle replication between MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8 where a number of sql_modes where removed.

Pre-configured filter name dropsqlmode
JavaScript Filter File tungsten-replicator/support/filters-javascript/dropsqlmode.js
Property prefix replicator.filter.dropsqlmode
Stage compatibility q-to-dbms
tpm Option compatibility --svc-applier-filters
Data compatibility Any event
Parameter Type Default Description
modes string

See below

| separated string of sql_modes to drop

By default, the filter is configured to drop the following sql_modes: NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_FIELD_OPTIONS,NO_KEY_OPTIONS,NO_TABLE_OPTIONS

If you wish to add/remove sql_modes from this list, you will need to override the property as follows: