10.4.4. Configuration Changes with an INI file

The tpm update also allows you to apply any configuration changes. Start by making any necessary changes to the tungsten.ini file. Then proceed to running tpm update.

shell> cd /opt/continuent/tungsten
shell> ./tools/tpm update

This will read the tungsten.ini file and apply the settings. The tpm command will identify what services likely need to be restarted and will just restart those. You can manually restart the desired services if you are unsure if the new configuration has been applied.


The tpm update command may cause a brief outage while restarting the connectors. This will occur if you are upgrading to a new version You can avoid that with:

shell> ./tools/tpm update dataservice --no-connectors

The connectors must be updated separately on each server by running:

shell> tpm promote-connector