10.5.6. tpm fetch Command

There are some cases where you would like to review the configuration or make changes prior to the upgrade. In these cases it is possible to fetch the configuration and process the upgrade as different steps.

shell> ./tools/tpm fetch \
    --directory=/opt/continuent \

This will load the configuration into the local staging directory. You can then make changes using tpm configure before pushing out the upgrade.

The tpm fetch command supports the following arguments:

  • --hosts

    A comma-separated list of the known hosts in the cluster. If autodetect is included, then tpm will attempt to determine other hosts in the cluster by checking the configuration files for host values.

  • --user

    The username to be used when logging in to other hosts.

  • --directory

    The installation directory of the current Tungsten Cluster installation. If autodetect is specified, then tpm will look for the installation directory by checking any running Tungsten Cluster processes.