1.24. Tungsten Clustering 6.1.7 GA (5 Oct 2020)

Version End of Life. 15 Aug 2024

Release 6.1.7 was a minor bug fix release containing a fix for SSL Communications specific to clustering deployments.

Bug Fixes

  • Tungsten Connector

    • Disables the naggle algorithm (TcpNoDelay=true) on SSL Sockets which causes performance degredation on SSL communications within the connector.

      Issues: CT-1331

    • Allows configuration of the protocols and cipher suites to use within the drizzle driver for SSL communications to the database server.

      New TPM parameters can be used to control this. New parameters are as follows:


      For example:


      Default values for connector-server-ssl-protocols will be TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2. Default values for connector-server-ssl-ciphers will be to allow all cipher suites supported by the running JVM.

      Issues: CT-1335

    • When the Primary node is not available (for example during switch/failover), the connector would pause incoming RO_RELAXED connection requests even if a Replica is available for reads.


      This only applies to connectors configured in Bridge Mode.

      Issues: CT-1337

    • c3p0 libraries upgraded to version and adjusted recommended pool configuration.

      Issues: CT-1343