1.10. Tungsten Clustering 6.1.22 GA (6 July 2023)

Version End of Life. 15 Aug 2024

Release 6.1.22 contains a number of critical bug fixes and it is advised customers running 6.1.21 should upgrade to this release.

Behavior Changes

The following changes have been made to Tungsten Cluster and may affect existing scripts and integration tools. Any scripts or environment which make use of these tools should check and update for the new configuration:

  • Command-line Tools

    • cctrl now accepts services names with capital letters, dots and hyphens

      Issues: CT-2163

Bug Fixes

  • Installation and Deployment

    • Fixed RPM package script to run tpm install instead of tpm update when installing the rpm

      Issues: CT-2130

  • Core Replicator

    • A change in the way MySQL logs CREATE TABLE AS SELECT in the Binary Logs from v8.0.20 onwards, meant these transactions would previously fail.


      Whilst these statements will now replicate, it mut be noted that in the event of a failure during the data load, the initial CREATE statement won't be rolled back, and therefore care must be taken when using this type of DDL.


      This only affects customers using MySQL v8.0.20+ running with ROW based replication. An alternative workaround to ensure correct rollback on failure, would be to run the statement with STATEMENT based replication for the session. This will also provide better performance for larger tables.

      Issues: CT-1301

    • Fixed an issue where an extracted JSON field could be invalid, with doubled commas in JSON arrays.

      Issues: CT-2049

    • Improved a query that is run by Tungsten when fetching tables metadata (column names, datatypes, etc). While it is not generally needed, the unoptimized query can run badly (especially) against old mysql versions with a lot of databases / tables. For now, the new optimized query is not used by default, but this could change in some future version.

      This can be enabled by using the following property :


      Issues: CT-2077

  • Tungsten Connector

    • Note, this bug only affects v6.1.21

      Removed extra logging for each "SET xxx" statement when in proxy mode. On top of polluting the logs, this extra logging can overwhelm the connector, making it slow to respond and have client threads pile up, up to the point where that could exhaust memory

      Issues: CT-2165