1.15. Tungsten Clustering 6.1.17 GA (16 May 2022)

Version End of Life. 15 Aug 2024

Release 6.1.17 contains a number of minor bug fixes and improvements.

Behavior Changes

The following changes have been made to Tungsten Cluster and may affect existing scripts and integration tools. Any scripts or environment which make use of these tools should check and update for the new configuration:

  • Command-line Tools

    • Changed output of thl purge command when no lower and upper bounds are given from 'Deleting events where' to 'Deleting all events'.

      Issues: CT-1738

    • The following commands which call cctrl now support the pass-through -t seconds timeout argument which specifies how long cctrl will wait for a connection to the Manager process before aborting:

      • check_tungsten_latency

      • check_tungsten_online

      • check_tungsten_policy

      • check_tungsten_services

      • tungsten_show_processlist

      • zabbix_tungsten_latency

      • zabbix_tungsten_online

      • zabbix_tungsten_progress

      • zabbix_tungsten_services

      Issues: CT-1822

    • The tpm diag command now gathers the output of the tpm ask summary command

      Issues: CT-1827

  • Backup and Restore

    • Additional messaging has been added to the output displayed when running tprovision.

      Issues: CT-1689

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Command-line Tools

    • Added the ability to turn auto recovery on or off dynamically, removing the need to run tpm update.

      This is done by running the following command:

      shell> trepctl -service servicename setdynamic -property replicator.autoRecoveryMaxAttempts -value <number>


      The service must be offline before changing the property

      Issues: CT-1088

    • The cctrl.log file is now accessible from the $CONTINUENT_ROOT/service_logs directory

      Issues: CT-1727

  • Tungsten Connector

    • connector-reset-when-affinity-back is now available with proxy mode.

      Issues: CT-1763

  • Security

    • Replaced official log4j library with a secured version in which all vulnerable classes have been removed. This prevents exposing the software following a (user) misconfiguration of the log4j properties

      Issues: CT-1810

  • Other Issues

    • IPv6 host addresses are now fully supported.

      Can be enabled with the following configuration property:


      By default, IPv4 is enabled, which equates to the value of "4" in the above property.

      Issues: CT-1537

Bug Fixes

  • Installation and Deployment

    • When services are deployed with systemd and MySQL could not start due to an error, tpm would not be able to later start MySQL

      Issues: CT-1734

    • deployall script now properly displays the executable prefix for restarting services, typically mm_treplicator in Multi-Site/Active-Active replicator-only installs, as well as the full path to component binaries

      Issues: CT-1835

  • Command-line Tools

    • When MySql services where badly installed, some distribution could show a “not-found” status within systemctl, confusing tpm

      Issues: CT-1677

    • The tpm command now communicates properly when there is no INI configuration file or staging-method deploy.cfg configuration defined.

      Issues: CT-1712

    • The tpm diag command now handles Multi-Site/Active-Active topologies better.

      Issues: CT-1718

    • tungsten_monitor.rb script no longer uses sudo to send emails if the configuration doesn't allow it.

      Issues: CT-1737

    • The tpm update command no longer aborts during a staging deployment when the actual hostname does not match what is configured for the node names in tpm

      Issues: CT-1791

    • Improves the tpm diag command so that it waits 2 seconds for replicator thread dump to complete.

      Issues: CT-1792

    • The tpm connector command now properly passes the -e arguments to the mysql command.

      Issues: CT-1816

    • tpm now properly reports errors upon timeout executing commands. Typically, when a host is down, when upgrading or installing, tpm will now properly report that pinging this host failed.

      Issues: CT-1819

  • Backup and Restore

    • Fixed an issue with latest xtrabackup 8.0.28

      Issues: CT-1838

  • Core Replicator

    • When connecting to a THL server, a client will now connect to the next available host in its THL uri, if the first does not have the sequence number that the client requires. The client will then fail only if none of the hosts from the uri can provide the needed sequence number.

      Issues: CT-1558

    • Fixed an issue when using Parallel apply that would show a NullPointerException in case an event could either not be found or be corrupted in THL. This will now display a correct message Missing or corrupted event from storage

      Issues: CT-1722

    • Fixed an issue where trepctl was leaving JMX connections opened.

      Issues: CT-1752

    • Added more debug information for detecting possible hanging connections while a THL client connects to the THL server. Also, added socket timeout for the connection initialization

      Issues: CT-1760

    • Fixed the EnumToString and pkey filters to renew their database connections (every hour by default). This can be changed with the following properties:


      Issues: CT-1786

  • Tungsten Connector

    • By default, the connector will no longer transparently reconnect underlying connections to database servers when the data service changes.

      This will prevent the following case: in Composite Active/Active topologies, a given connection starts to write data to a site. The site fails, connection gets reconnected the other site and resumes writing. However the data written to the 1st site has not reached the 2nd site, thus data will not be consistent.

      Default is to reject reconnections that follow a write operation (RW_STRICT connection or SmartScale after a write) and to allow reconnection after a read operation (RO_RELAXED or SmartScale after a read) which translates to --connector-allow-cross-site-reconnects-for-writes=false and --connector-allow-cross-site-reconnects-for-reads=true

      It is still possible to get the previous behavior (reconnecting transparently connections cross-site) by specifying both --connector-allow-cross-site-reconnects-for-writes=true and --connector-allow-cross-site-reconnects-for-reads=true, at your own risk

      Issues: CT-1265

    • Connector now mirrors the MySQL default connect_timeout by retrieving it from the primary when starting up. This timeout will apply to all connections made from the connector to MySQL servers.

      This setting can be over-ridden by using the following tpm property


      If VALUE set to autodetect, this value will mirror the MySQL connect_timeout system variable. Set to 0 for infinite timeout.

      Issues: CT-1726