E.2.8. Terminology: Fields appliedLatency

The appliedLatency is the latency between the commit time of the source event and the time the last committed transaction reached the end of the corresponding pipeline within the replicator.

Within a Primary, this indicates the latency between the transaction commit time and when it was written to the THL. In a Replica, it indicates the latency between the commit time on the Primary database and when the transaction has been committed to the destination database. Clocks must be synchronized across hosts for this information to be accurate.

appliedLatency : 0.828

The latency is measure in seconds. Increasing latency may indicate that the destination database is unable to keep up with the transactions from the Primary.

In replicators that are operating with parallel apply, appliedLatency indicates the latency of the trailing channel. Because the parallel apply mechanism does not update all channels simultaneously, the figure shown may trail significantly from the actual latency.