A.25. Tungsten Replicator 6.1.1 GA (28 October 2019)

Version End of Life. 15 Aug 2024

Release 6.1.1 contains both significant improvements as well as some needed bugfixes.

Improvements, new features and functionality

  • Core Replicator

    • Added Clickhouse applier support.

      Issues: CT-383

    • If using the dropcolumn filter during extraction, in conjunction with the Batch Applier (eg Replicating to Redshift, Hadoop, Vertica) writes would fail with a CSV mismatch error due to gaps in the THL Index.

      However, for JDBC appliers, the gaps are required to ensure the correct column mapping

      To handle the two different requirements, a new property has been added to the filter to control whether or not to leave the THL index untouched (the default) or to re-order the Index ID's

      If applying to Batch targets, then the following property should be added to your configuration. The property is not required for JDBC targets.


      Issues: CT-1025

Bug Fixes

  • Command-line Tools

    • Fixed an issue that would prevent reading remote binary logs when using SSL.

      Issues: CT-958

    • Fixed an issue where the command trepctl -all-services status -name watches fails.

      Issues: CT-977

    • Restored previously-removed log file symbolic links under $CONTINUENT_ROOT/service_logs/

      Issues: CT-1026

    • Fixed a bug where tpm diag would generate an empty zip file if the hostnames contain hyphens (-) or periods (.)

      Issues: CT-1032

    • Improve ability to find needed binaries for commands: tungsten_find_position, tungsten_find_seqno and tungsten_get_rtt

      Issues: CT-1054