7.15. Monitoring Tungsten Cluster

It is your responsibility to properly monitor your deployments of Tungsten Cluster and Tungsten Replicator. The minimum level of monitoring must be done at three levels. Additional monitors may be run depending on your environment but these three are required in order to ensure availability and uptime.

  1. Make sure the appropriate Tungsten Cluster and Tungsten Replicator services are running.

  2. Make sure all datasources and replication services are ONLINE.

  3. Make sure replication latency is within an acceptable range.


Special consideration must be taken if you have multiple installations on a single server. That applies for clustering and replication or multiple replicators.

These three points must be checked for all directories where Tungsten Cluster or Tungsten Replicator are installed. In addition, all servers should be monitored for basic health of the processors, disk and network. Proper alerting and graphing will prevent many issues that will cause system failures.