F.5. Tungsten Replicator Pipelines and Stages

A pipeline (or service) acts upon data.

Pipelines consist of a variable number of stages.

Every stage's workflow consists of three (3) actions, which are:

  • Extract: the source for extraction could be the mysql server binary logs on a Primary, and the local THL on disk for a Replica

  • Filter: any configured filters are applied here

  • Apply: the apply target can be THL on disk on a Primary, and the database server on a Replica

Stages can be customized with filters, and filters are invoked on a per-stage basis.

By default, there are two pipeline services defined:

  • Primary replication service, which contains two (2) stages:

    • binlog-to-q: reads information from the MySQL binary log and stores the information within an in-memory queue.

    • q-to-thl: in-memory queue is written out to the THL file on disk.

  • Replica replication service, which contains three (3) stages:

    • remote-to-thl: remote THL information is read from a Primary datasource and written to a local file on disk.

    • thl-to-q: THL information is read from the file on disk and stored in an in-memory queue.

    • q-to-dbms: data from the in-memory queue is written to the target database.