Create the Destination Schema

On the host which has been already configured as the Extractor, use ddlscan to extract the DDL for Oracle:

shell> cd tungsten-replicator-6.1.17-42
shell> ./bin/ddlscan -user tungsten -url 'jdbc:mysql:thin://host1:3306/access_log' \
    -pass password -template ddl-mysql-oracle.vm -db access_log

The output should be captured and checked before applying it to your Oracle instance:

shell> ./bin/ddlscan -user tungsten -url 'jdbc:mysql:thin://host1:3306/access_log' \
    -pass password -template ddl-mysql-oracle.vm -db access_log > access_log.ddl

If you are happy with the output, it can be executed against your target Oracle database:

shell> cat access_log.ddl | sqlplus sys/oracle as sysdba

The generated DDL includes statements to drop existing tables if they exist. This will fail in a new installation, but the output can be ignored.

Once the process has been completed for this database, it must be repeated for each database that you plan on replicating from Oracle to MySQL.