12.4.14. dropmetadata.js Filter

All events within the replication stream contain metadata about each event. This information can be individually processed and manipulated. The dropmetadata filter removes specific metadata from each event, configured through the option parameter to the filter.

Pre-configured filter name dropmetadata
JavaScript Filter File tungsten-replicator/support/filters-javascript/dropmetadata.js
Property prefix replicator.filter.ansiquotes
Stage compatibility binlog-to-q, q-to-dbms
tpm Option compatibility --svc-extractor-filters, --svc-applier-filters
Data compatibility Any event
Parameter Type Default Description
option string (none) Name of the metadata field to be dropped

Metadata information can be processed at the event top-level:

metaData = event.getDBMSEvent().getMetadata();
for(m = 0; m < metaData.size(); m++)
    option = metaData.get(m);