4.2.4. Restarting the Multi-Site/Active-Active Replicator Service


Restarting a running replicator temporarily stops and restarts replication. When using Multi-Site/Active-Active, restarting the additional replicator will stop replication between sites.

These instructions assume you have installed the additional replicator with the --executable-prefix=mm option. If not, you should go to /opt/replicator/tungsten/tungsten-replicator/bin and run the replicator command directly.

To shutdown a running Tungsten Replicator you must switch off the replicator:

shell> mm_replicator stop
Stopping Tungsten Replicator Service...
Stopped Tungsten Replicator Service.

To start the replicator service if it is not already running:

shell> mm_replicator start
Starting Tungsten Replicator Service...