4.2.3. Restarting the Manager Service

The manager service is designed to monitor the status and operation of the each of the datasources within the dataservice. In the event that the manager has become confused with the current configuration, for example due to a network or node failure, the managers can be restarted. This forces the managers to update their current status and topology information.

Before restarting managers, the dataservice should be placed in maintenance policy mode. In maintenance mode, the connectors will continue to service requests and the manager restart will not be treated as a failure.

To restart the managers across an entire dataservice, each manager will need to be restarted. The dataservice must be placed in maintenance policy mode first, then:

  1. To set the maintenance policy mode:

    [LOGICAL:EXPERT] /dsone > set policy maintenance
  2. On each datasource in the dataservice:

    1. Stop the service:

      shell> manager stop
    2. Then start the manager service:

      shell> manager start
  3. Once all the managers have been restarted, set the policy mode back to the automatic:

    [LOGICAL:EXPORT] /alpha > set policy automatic 
    policy mode is now AUTOMATIC