3.3.4. Configuring Startup on Boot


The procedures in this section are designed for the Multi-Site/Active-Active topology ONLY. Do NOT use these procedures for Composite Active/Active Clustering uing v6 onwards.

For version 6.x onwards, Composite Active/Active Clustering, please refer to Section 3.4, “Deploying Composite Active/Active Clusters”

Because there are two different Continuent services running, each must be individually configured to startup on boot:

  • For the Tungsten Cluster service, use Section 4.3, “Configuring Startup on Boot”.

  • For the Tungsten Replicator service, a custom startup script must be created, otherwise the replicator will be unable to start as it has been configured in a different directory.

    1. Create a link from the Tungsten Replicator service startup script in the operating system startup directory (/etc/init.d):

      shell> sudo ln -s /opt/replicator/tungsten/tungsten-replicator/bin/replicator /etc/init.d/mmreplicator
    2. Modify the APP_NAME variable within the startup script (/etc/init.d/mmreplicator) to mmreplicator:

    3. Update the operating system startup configuration to use the updated script.

      On Debian/Ubuntu:

      shell> sudo update-rc.d mmreplicator defaults

      On RedHat/CentOS:

      shell> sudo checkconfig --add mmreplicator