3.3.6. Resetting all dataservices


The procedures in this section are designed for the Multi-Site/Active-Active topology ONLY. Do NOT use these procedures for Composite Active/Active Clustering uing v6 onwards.

For version 6.x onwards, Composite Active/Active Clustering, please refer to Section 3.4, “Deploying Composite Active/Active Clusters”

To reset all of the dataservices and restart the Tungsten Cluster and Tungsten Replicator services:

On all hosts (e.g. east{1,2,3} and west{1,2,3}):

shell> /opt/replicator/tungsten/tungsten-replicator/bin/replicator stop
shell> /opt/replicator/tungsten/tools/tpm reset
shell> /opt/continuent/tungsten/tools/tpm reset
shell> /opt/replicator/tungsten/tungsten-replicator/bin/replicator start