3.10.3. Replicating from a Cluster to a Datawarehouse - Configuring the Cluster-Extractor

Configure the replicator that will act as an Extractor, reading information from the cluster and then applying that data into the chosen datawarehouse. Multiple example targets are shown.

This node may be located either on a separate host (for example when replicating to Amazon Redshift), or on the same node as the target datawarehouse service (i.e. HP Vertica or Hadoop).

On the following pages are the steps to configure a Cluster-Extractor target replicator writing into a datawarehouse for both staging and INI methods of installation.

Figure 3.9. Topologies: Replication from a Cluster to an Offboard Datawarehouse

Topologies: Replication from a Cluster to a Datawarehouse