7.4.14. Read-only Routing

It is possible to deploy a connector that has been configured to provide read-only access to the underlying databases on the standard port. This enforces read-only connectivity through this connector, regardless of any session or connector configuration options. This can be useful for a standalone connector, or a single connector within a dataservice.

This setting places the connector into RO_RELAXED mode. The connector will choose the Primary if there is no available Replica. See Section 7.4.2, “Connector Quality of Service (QoS) Selection” for more detail on Quality of Service modes.

To enable this functionality, configure the connector using the --connector-readonly option:

shell> tpm configure alpha --connector-readonly=true

To enable this functionality on specific hosts only, add the --hosts option:

shell> tpm configure alpha --connector-readonly=true --hosts=host1,host3