C.3.26. Backup agent name not found: xtrabackup-full

Last Updated: 2015-06-01

Condition or Error

A backup was taken with xtrabackup-full from the Primary. Replica appears to not be configured for xtrabackup-full, which results in there being issues with the restore. How can we configure the Replica to use xtrabackup-full for restore?


  • The underlying cause and indication is that the xtrabackup has not been installed properly on the Replica, or not installed at all, at the point when Tungsten Cluster was being installed. The following will be seen in the status output after a failed restore:

    minimumStoredSeqNo : -1
    offlineRequests : NONE
    pendingError : Unable to spawn restore request
    pendingErrorCode : NONE
    pendingErrorEventId : NONE
    pendingErrorSeqno : -1
    pendingExceptionMessage: Backup agent name not found: xtrabackup-full

    Probably the other hosts didn't require this setting specifically because xtrabackup was installed and detected when Tungsten Cluster was installed on them.


  • The steps you need are:

    1. Install xtrabackup if not already installed on the Replica in question

    2. If using the INI configuration method, add the line below to /etc/tungsten/tungsten.ini:


      And then run tpm update on that Replica host to update the configuration.

      Or if using staging method, update the configuration using:

      shell> tpm update --backup-method=xtrabackup-full