6.9.2. Skipping Transactions

When a failure caused by a mismatch or failure to apply one or more transactions, the transaction(s) can be skipped. Transactions can either be skipped one at a time, through a specific range, or a list of single and range specifications.


Skipping over events can easily lead to Replica inconsistencies and later replication errors. Care should be taken to ensure that the transaction(s) can be safely skipped without causing problems. See Section 6.9.1, “Identifying a Transaction Mismatch”.

  • Skipping a Single Transaction

    If the error was caused by only a single statement or transaction, the transaction can be skipped using trepctl online:

    shell> trepctl online -skip-seqno 10

    The individual transaction will be skipped, and the next transaction (11), will be applied to the destination database.

  • Skipping a Transaction Range

    If there is a range of statements that need to be skipped, specify a range by defining the lower and upper limits:

    shell> trepctl online -skip-seqno 10-20

    This skips all of the transaction within the specified range, and then applies the next transaction (21) to the destination database.

  • Skipping Multiple Transactions

    If there are transactions mixed in with others that need to be skipped, the specification can include single transactions and ranges by separating each element with a comma:

    shell> trepctl online -skip-seqno 10,12-14,16,19-20

    In this example, only the transactions 11, 15, 17 and 18 would be applied to the target database. Replication would then continue from transaction 21.

Regardless of the method used to skip single or multiple transactions, the status of the replicator should be checked to ensure that replication is online.