6.3.8. Datasource States and Policy Mode Interactions

States can be explicit set through cctrl command, however, depending on the current policy mode, the actual status set may be different from that initially set. For example, when shunning a datasource, the datasource will immediately go into SHUNNED state.

[LOGICAL:EXPERT] /alpha > datasource host3 shun
DataSource 'host3' set to SHUNNED

To bring the datasource back into operation, it must be brought back using the recover command:

[LOGICAL:EXPERT] /alpha > datasource host3 recover
DataSource 'host3' is now OFFLINE

The datasource recover command performs whatever steps are necessary to bring the datasource back into operation within the dataservice. Even for manually shunned datasources, there may be additional configuration or recovery steps required.

If the dataservice policy mode is MANUAL or MAINTENANCE modes, the datasource remains in the OFFLINE state until manually put ONLINE .