6.13. Resetting a Tungsten Cluster Dataservice

Follow these steps to reset replication for an entire dataservice. The current Primary will remain the Primary. Use the switch after completion to change the Primary.


The procedures in this section are designed for the Multi-Site/Active-Active topology ONLY. Do NOT use these procedures with the Composite Active/Active topology.

For Composite Active/Active Clustering, please refer to Deploying Composite Active/Active Clustering.

See Section 6.11.7, “Resetting an Entire Dataservice from Filesystem Snapshots” if you would like to restore a file system snapshot to every server as part of this process.

  1. Put the dataservice into MAINTENANCE mode. This ensures that Tungsten Cluster will not attempt to automatically recover the service.

    cctrl> set policy maintenance
  2. Enable force mode:

    cctrl> set force true
  3. Shun each datasource:

    cctrl> datasource Primary shun
    cctrl> datasource Replica1 shun
    cctrl> datasource Replica2 shun
  4. Put each Tungsten Connector offline:

    cctrl> router * offline
  5. On each datasource, reset the service:

    shell> trepctl -service east offline
    shell> trepctl -service east reset -all -y
  6. Reconfigure the replicator and datasource configuration on each host, starting with the Primary:

    cctrl> set force true
    cctrl> replicator new-Primary master
    cctrl> replicator new-Primary online
    cctrl> datasource new-Primary master
    cctrl> datasource new-Primary online
    cctrl> replicator Replica1 slave new-Primary
    cctrl> replicator Replica1 online
    cctrl> datasource Replica1 slave
    cctrl> datasource Replica1 online
    cctrl> replicator Replica2 slave new-Primary
    cctrl> replicator Replica2 online
    cctrl> datasource Replica2 slave
    cctrl> datasource Replica2 online
  7. The connector can now be re-enabled and the cluster returned to operational state:

    cctrl> router * online
    cctrl> set policy automatic
    cctrl> cluster heartbeat

Any servers not matching the Primary must be reprovisioned. Use the tungsten_provision_slave tool to reprovision from the Primary or valid Replica server.