6.14.1. Fencing a Replica Node Due to a Replication Fault

If the replicator should be placed into the OFFLINE state when replicator stops or raises an error, the following option can be set through tpm on the cluster configuration to set the policy.fence.slaveReplicator to true:

shell> tpm update alpha --property=policy.fence.slaveReplicator=true

The delay before the fencing operation takes place can be configured using the policy.fence.slaveReplicator.threshold parameter, which configures the delay before taking action, with the value multiplied by 10. For example, a setting of 6 implies a delay of 60 seconds. The delay enables transient errors, such as network failures, to be effectively managed without automatically fencing the Replica.

shell> tpm update alpha --property=policy.fence.slaveReplicator.threshold=6

Once a Replica has been fenced, the state will automatically be cleared when the replicator returns to the ONLINE state. Once this has been identified, the node will be placed in the ONLINE state.