6.10.1. Using a Different Backup Tool

If xtrabackup is installed when the dataservice is first created, xtrabackup will be used as the default backup method. Four built-in backup methods are provided:

The default backup tool can be changed, and different tools can be used explicitly when the backup command is executed. The Percona xtrabackup tool can be used to perform both full and incremental backups. Use of the this tool is optional and can configured during installation, or afterwards by updating the configuration using tpm .

To update the configuration to use xtrabackup , install the tool and then follow the directions for tpm update to apply the --repl-backup-method=xtrabackup-full setting.

To use xtrabackup-full without changing the configuration, specify the backup agent to the datasource backup command within cctrl :

[LOGICAL:EXPERT] /alpha > datasource host2 backup xtrabackup-full
Replicator 'host2' starting backup
Backup of dataSource 'host2' succeeded; uri=storage://file-system/store-0000000006.properties