11.3.1. Manager Status

Using the following GET call, you can list the manager status. This will display a number of useful metrics, such as start time, datasource, cluster name, the current coordinator, and more.

GET https://localhost:8090/api/v2/manager/status

This will return a simple StatusPayload, similar to the following example:

    "payloadType": "StatusPayload",
    "payloadVersion": "1",
    "payload": {
        "dataServiceName": "west",
        "dataSourceName": "db1",
        "startTime": "2021-11-30T09:48:34.937 UTC",
        "uptimeSeconds": 898,
        "state": "ONLINE",
        "isCoordinator": false,
        "isWitness": false,
        "managerPID": 6378,
        "parentPID": 6359,
        "policyMode": "AUTOMATIC",
        "coordinator": "db2"