F.4.2. Connector Memory Management

The memory model within the Tungsten Connector works as follows:

  • Memory consumption consists of the core memory, plus the buffered memory used for each connection.

  • Each connection uses the maximum size of an INSERT, UPDATE or SELECT, up to the configured size of the MySQL max_allowed_packet parameter.

For example, with 1000 concurrent connections, and a result or insert size of 1 MB, the memory usage will be 1 GB.

The default setting for the Tungsten Connector memory size is 256 MB. The memory allocation can be increased using tpm and the --conn-java-mem-size option:

For example, during installation:

shell> tpm install ... --conn-java-mem-size=1024

Or to update using tpm update:

shell> tpm update ... --conn-java-mem-size=1024