4.4.5. Installing an Upgraded JAR Patch


The following instructions should only be used if Continuent Support have explicitly provided you with a customer JAR file designed to address a problem with your deployment.

If a custom JAR has been provided by Continuent Support, the following instructions can be used to install the JAR into your installation.

  1. Determine your staging directory or untarred installation directory:

    shell> tpm query staging

    Go to the appropriate host (if necessary) and the staging directory.

    shell>  cd tungsten-clustering-7.0.1-96
  2. Change to the correct directory. For example, to update Tungsten Replicator change to tungsten-replicator/lib; for Tungsten Manager use tungsten-manager/lib; for Tungsten Connector use tungsten-connector/lib:

    shell> cd tungsten-replicator/lib
  3. Copy the existing JAR to a backup file:

    shell> cp tungsten-replicator.jar tungsten-replicator.jar.orig
  4. Copy the replacement JAR into the directory:

    shell> cp /tmp/tungsten-replicator.jar . 
  5. Change back to the root directory of the staging directory:

    shell> cd ../..
  6. Update the release:

    shell> ./tools/tpm update --replace-release