7.11.1. Working with Proxy Protocol v1

From release 6.1.13, the Connector is able to work with Proxy Protocol v1, available in newer distributions of MySQL from MariaDB and Percona.

By default, when remote clients connect to a Tungsten Cluster via the Connector, the origin IP shown in MySQL maps to the Connector host the client has connected through.

This can have many disadvantages, especially when relying on host level security restricitons within your MySQL database.

The introduction of Proxy Protocol allows the origin IP of the calling client to be passed through instead.

To enable this feature, first you need to ensure you are using a release of MySQL that supports this. At time of documenting this is limited to the following:

  • Percona-5.6.25-73.0 and greater

  • MariaDB 10.3 and greater


Currently Proxy Protocol is ONLY available in the releases mentioned above. neither Community edition nor Oracle Enterprise edition yet support this.

Next ensure you enable Proxy Protocol within the my.cnf by adding the following property: proxy-protocol-networks=*

The * indicates allow all, however this can be a comma-separated list of (sub)networks or IP addresses instead, to allow finer granularity.

You can now enable the connector to recognise this by enabling the folloing tpm property: --connector-enable-proxy-protocol=true

After applying the property and issuing tpm update (or tools/tpm install if a new installation) you should see the correct origin IP's when querying show processlist and tungsten show processlist

If you enable proxy protocol within the connector, but the underlying database does not support this, you will see the following error:

shell> tpm connector
mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
ERROR 8 (HY000): Could not authorize the user 'app_user'
Attempt to connect to the server failed.
Could not connect: Got packets out of order
Contact your Tungsten administrator.