9.24.1. trepctl Options

Table 9.46. trepctl Command-line Options

errorWill output full stack trace of the last error, if any. If no error, response will be empty.
-host nameHost name of the replicator
-port numberPort number of the replicator
-retry NNumber of times to retry the connection
-service nameName of the replicator service
-verboseEnable verbose messages for operations

Global command-line options enable you to select specific hosts and services. If available, trepctl will read the active configuration to determining the host, service, and port information. If this is unavailable or inaccessible, the following rules are used to determine which host or service to operate upon:

  • If no host is specified, then trepctl defaults to the host on which the command is being executed.

  • If no service is specified:

    • If only one service has been configured, then trepctl defaults to showing information for the configured service.

    • If multiple services are configured, then trepctl returns an error, and requests a specific service be selected.

To use the global options:

  • -host

    Specify the host for the operation. The replicator service must be running on the remote host for this operation to work.

  • -port

    Specify the base TCP/IP port used for administration. The default is port 10000; port 10001 is also used. When using different ports, port and port+1 is used, i.e. if port 4996 is specified, then port 4997 will be used as well. When multiple replicators are installed on the same host, different numbers may be used.

  • -service

    The servicename to be used for the requested status or control operation. When multiple services have been configured, the servicename must be specified.

    shell> trepctl status
    Processing status command...
    Operation failed: You must specify a service name with the -service flag

    Starting in 6.0.4, if multiple services are configured but not specified, then a list of available services is provided:

    shell> trepctl status
    Processing status command...
    Operation failed: You must specify a service name with the -service flag because there is more than one 
    service available. The currently available status commands are:
    trepctl -service north status
    trepctl -service north_from_east status
    trepctl -service north_from_west status
  • -verbose

    Turns on verbose reporting of the individual operations. This includes connectivity to the replicator service and individual operation steps. This can be useful when diagnosing an issue and identifying the location of a particular problem, such as timeouts when access a remote replicator.

  • -retry

    Retry the request operation the specified number of times. The default is 10.