10.5.1. tpm ask Command

tpm ask can be used to query values from the common configuration


tpm ask [args] [context] {value_or_function_name} [argument]

[context] : The optional context may be one of: common (default), keys, all or function

If you specify a context of:

  • common or no context: Extract the variable from the perl common object

  • all: Extract every available variable from the perl common object

  • keys: Extract all available variable names from the perl common object

  • functions: Extract the available function names from the perl common object

  • function: Extract the return value of the named function from within the perl_common object. You may specify an optional argument to the function.


shell> tpm ask keys
shell> tpm ask all
shell> tpm ask functions
shell> tpm ask services
shell> tpm ask isCAA
shell> tpm ask function managerEnabled
shell> tpm ask function cleanBool false


Table 10.4. tpm ask Common Options

--apiUse the v2 API REST interface instead of the command line when possible
--debug, -dDebug Mode.
--help, -h
--info, -i
-p {path}, --path {path}Pass full path to replicator executables e.g. /opt/replicator/tungsten/tungsten-replicator/bin
--quiet, -q
--test, -t
--thl {file}Path and name of thl executable (Ignores --path if also supplied)
--trepctl {file}Path and name of trepctl executable (Ignores --path if also supplied)
-vVerbose output.