5.2.4. Deploying on Oracle RAC

If you are planning on using the extractor against Oracle RAC, then you need to adopt the Offboard with Fetcher model.

This section outlines the steps required for an installation of the Oracle Extractor consisting of both the Tungsten Replicator and the Redo Reader MINE process configured on an offboard host, and the FETCHER process configured with RAC.

First, ensure you have configured all the necessary Prerequisites, outlined in Section 5.1.2, “Oracle Replication Pre-Requisites” paying particular attention to the offboard and RAC specific prerequisites.

The diagram below represents a typical RAC Extractor Installation

Figure 5.6. Topologies: Extraction from Oracle RAC

Topologies: Extraction from Oracle RAC

There are two methods for installation, either via a Staging Install or via an ini install, along with two final steps to configure the FETCHER and setup RAC to manage the FETCHER process.