Additional Prerequisites for Oracle Targets

When applying to oracle there are additional prerequisites required to ensure the replicator can connect to, and apply to, the target database

For remote Oracle targets (Offboard Applier)

To enable the replicator to apply to a remote Oracle Instance, the Replicator host will require an Oracle Client installation, with an appropriate TNS entry configured in the tnsnames.ora file

In addition, the environment for the tungsten OS user will need to be configured with ORACLE_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables

For remote and local Oracle targets

Before installing you need to ensure that you have the ojdbc7.jar file in the correct location.

This can be copied to either:

  • $ORACLE_HOME/jdbc/lib, or

  • /opt/continuent/software/tungsten-replicator-6.0.5-40/tungsten_replicator/lib