6.1.1. Prepare Source/Target database instances

When using the AMI to create an Extractor or Applier, it is important to ensure all the necessary target/source database pre-requisites are in place.

For extraction, ensure your source MySQL Instance is configured as per the Database specific notes in Section B.4, “MySQL Database Setup”

In addition, for Amazon based extraction, par particular attention to Section B.4.6, “MySQL Unprivileged Users”

For preparing the target database, specific notes for target pre-requisities, where appropriate, are detailed within each applier deployment section found at Chapter 5, Deploying Appliers

Once you have prepared your source and target, you can now launch an instance from the Marketplace

Within your AWS Dashboard, you can find the AMI by searching within the Marketplace for "Continuent"

Select the AMI based on your choice of target database. Each AMI is restricted to only configure an applier based on the choice of target. There are no restrictions on the extraction

Ensure you select a Security group that allows communication to the source and target databases, the require network port are detailed in Section B.3.2.1, “Network Ports”