4.1. Deploying Oracle Replication using CDC

Replication Operation Support
Statements Replicated No
Rows Replicated Yes
Schema Replicated No
ddlscan Supported Yes, for mixed Oracle/MySQL

Tungsten Cluster supports replication to and from Oracle as a datasource, and therefore also supports replication between Oracle databases. This allows replication of data from Oracle to other database appliers, including MySQL. CDC Replication is supported from Oracle 10g and 11g. See the Database Support prerequisites for more details.

Three variations of Oracle-based replication are officially supported:

Replication in these configurations operates using two separate replicators:

  • Replicator on the master extracts the information from the source database into THL.

  • Replicator on the slave reads the information from the remote replicator as THL, and applies that to the target database.