Installing the Slave Replicator

The slave replicator will read the THL from the remote master and apply it into Oracle using a standard JDBC connection. The slave replicator needs to know the master hostname, and the datasource type.

  1. Unpack the Tungsten Replicator distribution in staging directory:

    shell> tar zxf tungsten-replicator-5.4.tar.gz
  2. Change into the staging directory:

    shell> cd tungsten-replicator-5.4
  3. Obtain a copy of the Oracle JDBC driver and copy it into the tungsten-replicator/lib directory:

    shell> cp ojdbc6.jar ./tungsten-replicator/lib/
  4. Install the Slave replicator to read data from the master database and apply it to Oracle:

    shell> ./tools/tpm install SALES \
        --members=host2 \
        --master=host1 \
        --datasource-type=oracle \
        --datasource-oracle-service=ORCL \
        --datasource-user=tungsten \
        --datasource-password=password \
        --install-directory=/opt/continuent \
        --svc-applier-filters=dropstatementdata \
        --skip-validation-check=InstallerMasterSlaveCheck \

    Once the service has started, the status can be checked and monitored by using the trepctl command.

    The description of each of the options is shown below; click the icon to hide this detail:

    Click the icon to show a detailed description of each argument.

If the installation process fails, check the output of the /tmp/tungsten-configure.log file for more information about the root cause.

Once the installation has completed, the status of the service should be reported. The service should be online and reading events from the master replicator.