4.1.7. CDC Cleanup and Correction

In the event that the CDC tables have become corrupted, no longer work correctly, or where you have changed the tables, users or other details in your CDC configuration the CDC can be cleaned up. This deletes and unsubscribes the existing CDC configuration so that the setupCDC.sh script can be executed again with the updated values.

If setupCDC.sh returns an error that subscriptions already exist, this SQL file will also cleanup this configuration in preparation for running setupCDC.sh again.

To cleanup your existing configuration, an SQL script has been provided within the tungsten-replicator/scripts directory as cleanup_cdc_tables.sql for Oracle 11g, and cleanup_cdc_tables-10.sql for Oracle 10.

To execute, login to Oracle with sqlplus with SYSDBA credentials:

shell> sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> @cleanup_cdc_tables.sql SALES_PUB TUNGSTEN_CS_SALES


The changeset name used by every Tungsten Replicator CDC installation is prefixed with TUNGSTEN_CS_, followed by the service name configured in the CDC configuration file.

The name of the existing CDC publisher user and changeset should be specified to ensure that the right subscriptions are cleaned up.

Once completed, setupCDC.sh can be executed again. See Section, “Configure the Oracle database” for more information.