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10.4.7. CDCMetadata (CustomCDC) Filter

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Pre-configured filter name customcdc
Classname com.continuent.tungsten.replicator.filter.CDCMetadataFilter
Property prefix replicator.filter.customcdc
Stage compatibility  
tpm Option compatibility  
Data compatibility Row events
Parameter Type Default Description
cdcColumnsAtFront boolean false If true, the additional CDC columns are added at the start of the table row. If false, they are added to the end of the table row
schemaNameSuffix   string Specifies the schema name suffix. If defined, the tables are created in a schema matching schema name of the source transaction with the schema suffix appended
tableNameSuffix string   Specifies the table name suffix for the CDC tables. If the schema suffix is not specified, this allows CDC tables to be created within the same schema
toSingleSchema string   Creates and writes CDC data within a single schema
sequenceBeginning numeric 1 Sets the sequence number of the CDC data. The sequence is used to identify individual changesets in the CDC