9.5.14. tpm start Command

The tpm start command starts configured services on the current host. This can be useful in situations where you have installed services but not configured them to be started.

shell> tpm start
Getting replication status on host1
Processing services command...
NAME              VALUE
----              -----
appliedLastSeqno: 610
appliedLatency  : 0.95
role            : master
serviceName     : alpha
serviceType     : local
started         : true
state           : ONLINE
Finished services command...

NOTE  >> tr_ssl1 >> Command successfully completed

The tpm start can also be provided with the name of a service, which will start all the processes for that service on the current host.

See also the tpm restart command, Section 2.5, “Starting and Stopping Tungsten Replicator”, and Section 2.6, “Configuring Startup on Boot”.