2.4. Deploy License Keys


For Tungsten Clustering 5.0 a template license key file was required for initialization. This file is no longer required for any release later than 5.0.1. The file is not used or checked and no license file is required.

License keys are provided to all customers with an active support contract. Login to my.vmware.com to identify your support contract and the associated license keys. After collecting the license keys, they should be placed into /etc/tungsten/continuent.licenses or /opt/continuent/share/continuent.licenses. The /opt/continuent path should be replaced with your value for --install-directory. Place each license on a new line in the file and make sure it is readable by the tungsten system user.

If you are testing VMware Continuent or don't have your license key, talk with your sales contact for assistance. You may enable a trial-mode by using the license key TRIAL. This will not affect the runtime operation of VMware Continuent but may impact your ability to get rapid support.

The tpm script will display a warning if license keys are not provided or if the provided license keys are not valid.