Chapter 8. Command-line Tools

Tungsten Clustering is supplied with a number of different command-line tools and utilities that help to install manage, control and provide additional functionality on top of the core Tungsten Clustering product.

The content in this chapter provides reference information for using and working with all of these tools. Usage and operation with these tools in particular circumstances and scenarios are provided in other chapters. For example, deployments are handled in Chapter 2, Deployment Overview, although all deployments rely on the tpm command.

Commands related to the deployment

  • tpm — Tungsten package manager

  • ddlscan — Data definition layer scanner and translator

  • — Setup Oracle Change Data Control services

  • — Update an existing Oracle Change Data Control service

Commands related to the core Tungsten Replicator

  • trepctl — replicator control

  • multi_trepctl — multi-replicator control

  • thl — examine Tungsten History Log contents

Commands related to managing Tungsten Replicator deployments

Commands related to the Hadoop Deployments

  • load-reduce-check — build DDL, materialize and compare replicated data

  • materialize — materializer of views of replicated data into tables