9.8.1.  - tpm Options


Config File Optionsconnector-reset-when-affinity-back
DescriptionForces reconnection of clients to datasources with the configured affinity when they become available
Valid ValuesfalseAllow connections to remain open even when correct datasource becomes available
 trueDisconnect clients when datasource becomes available

When a site goes offline, connections to this site will be forced closed. Those connections will reconnect, as long as the site stays offline, they will be connected to remote site.

You can now enable an option so that when the site comes back online, the connector will disconnect all these connections that couldn't get to their preferred site so that they will then reconnect to the expected site with the appropriate affinity.

Note that this only applies to bridge mode. In proxy mode, relevancy of connected data source will be re-evaluated before every transaction.

When not enabled, connections will continue to use the server originally configured until they disconnect through normal attribution. This is the default option.